All chemicals that we use are eco-friendly, pet friendly and children friendly.

Our Services Include:


Our Service includes a steam extraction form of carpet cleaning. The power of the double vacuum machine is strong enough to reach deep into the carpet fibers but will not wet the padding below. Due to the high suction of the machine, in most cases, our carpet will be dry in a couple of hours. Of course, for very dirty carpets and traffic lanes it may take a little longer. There are no hidden prices with G&S Carpet & Floor Service. Pre-spray treatment and deodorizer are included in each job.


Our upholstery cleaning method is the same as our carpet cleaning method. We clean all types of material and fabric from a dining room chair to a sectional sofa. And, of course, pre-spray treatment and deodorizer are included in the price.


Before you spend big dollars sanding your hard wood floors, give us a call. Your wood may need what we call "a face life". G&S Carpet and Floor Service will give you a free consultation and estimate. We can steel wool clean your wood, seal it, and apply wax in order to bring back that elegant shine, that was lost over the years. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied with our workmanship and our pricing.


Lifeless linoleum, congolium, no-wax floors are no match for G&S Carpet and Floor Service. Let us remove that ground in dirt, grime and grease that layers up from daily kitchen use. We will strip, seal and wax your floor making it look like new again.


G&S Carpet and Floor Service can handle any type of floor maintenance. From dyed concrete to terrazzo and marble. Give us a call. The estimate is FREE.






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